Thursday, August 13, 2015

Idlewild Park

We traveled to Idlewild Park in PA last week to meet Daniel Tiger & friends and stroll through Daniel's neighborhood!

We were joined by our friends, which made it even more exciting for Addy!

The park has numerous kiddie rides for the little ones:

And even one named after my childhood nickname!

We visited the water park also, but the kiddie section was closed.

Addy got to experience staying in a hotel! It took a bit of convincing for her to settle down to sleep the first night, but after the park on the second night, she was out much quicker!

It was a great summer trip, full of laughs and smiles. I'm curious to see what details Addy will recall when she's all grown up! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bathtime, Interrupted

I settled into my Sunday night bath after putting Addy to bed, only to be interrupted by the following exchange:

Addy: "Sorry to annoy you, but I had to go downstairs to get a few essentials"

Me: "Oh yeah? What essentials?"

Addy: "Well, my baby wipes, baby powder bottle, and diaper bag. Because one of my babies POOPED THEIR PANTS. Ugh!"