Monday, April 27, 2015

It's official...I'm a Soccer Mom!

Based on previous failed attempts at organized group activities and classes for Addy, I have been reluctant to post about her latest adventure for fear of spoiling the success. However, last Friday we made it through the THIRD practice/game of a local soccer league!! A third session is the farthest we've ever made it, so I feel comfortable posting it now.

Addy has genuinely enjoyed playing. She does relatively well with following instructions, and she's not at all afraid to steal the ball away from the other team. Getting the ball in the net, however, is an area for improvement, as she is just happy to kick it not caring what direction it goes! 

When Fridays roll around, she's excited and has zero complaints about suiting up for the sport. She goes on the field with enthusiasm, and gives us a periodic thumbs up throughout the session. 

Watching her out there - participating, learning, trying, improving, smiling...this could be the most fun I've had as a mom. I hope I get to be a soccer mom next year too! But if not, I know I'll enjoy watching her participate in whatever activity she might have a desire to try. 

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