Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our New Baby

Matt and I have been trying for 18 of the last 21 months to make baby #2. No positive pregnancy test to date. So you know what they say...those who can't make a baby, get a dog!

Introducing Brutus, our new puppy!

He is going to be B.I.G. And I'm not sure what I'll think then about our decision to bring him home today, but for now, he's "totes adorbs" as the youngins would say. 

He has picked his favorite spot in the house:

Yeah, he looks super cute sleeping on the pile of shoes, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he's chewing them! 

Day 1 house training score: Puppy 3, Trainers 0. He has peed twice and pooped once, all indoors (and thankfully on the hard floors). But we are getting better at reading his signals, and as he grows he will get better bladder control. That's enough talking about "as he grows", because right now I just want to enjoy his wittle fwoppy ears and his wittle squishy face and his wittle puppy kisses! 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas with kids is so magical and fun! Here is a roundup post featuring most of our Christmas happenings:

Addy and her new neighbor friend helped prep the popsicle sticks for a Santa craft...

Four kids each made one Santa. I love how different they are! Addy's Santa is the bottom right one. 

We found a cute Hello Kitty cookie kit to make cookies for Santa:

Addy insisted on leaving ALL the cookies out for Santa, so she was disappointed on Christmas morning to find lots of cookies left on the plate. Mrs. Claus had eaten two of them (-: 

Our neighborhood held a kids Christmas party at the clubhouse, complete with stories from Santa and Elsa! 


Addy finally got up enough courage to sit on Santa's lap! She wouldn't talk to him, but she insists she will do that when she is five. 

And lastly, my favorite family Christmas tradition - the 4th annual Ornament Extravaganza with the Robinson family! Jennifer and I agreed on making this cutie found on Pinterest:

Jennifer brought regular size ornaments as well as a smaller size, and when she saw the two sizes together, she had the brilliant idea of turning the craft into this:

I love her creativity! This is the ornament Addy painted (though she asked me to do the arms). Isn't he darling?!? She also made one large face per the original design:

This craft was SUPER fun! I put my OCD aside for the night and truly enjoyed watching the kids take great pleasure in making a giant mess in my kitchen:

The men referred to my sangria as the "OCD eliminator". Hahaha!! They may have been right, but nonetheless, it was great fun. Nine days later, I'm still finding bits of snow around my house! 

Here are the Robinson family creations, and mine:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Tree for Addy

Addy was a great big girl helper when we decorated the Christmas tree a couple weeks ago. She hung most of the ornaments herself, with a little guidance from me on where to put them. Problem was, she wanted to decorate the tree multiple times, constantly changing around ornaments and even starting over. Matt suggested we get her her very own tree to decorate and undecorate as much as she wanted. So we did just that, and her 4' tree is her pride and joy. 


She is so happy to have it in the same room as the big tree, and she is expecting Santa to put her presents under her tree because, "It's small and I'm small, so he will know it's mine." 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Addy the Penguin Trainer

Yesterday was a rare day in terms of weather for December, with temps in the low 50's and sunny skies. We felt it a perfect day to get outside and visit the zoo.

It was a fun visit. Most of the animals were out and close up for easy viewing. After we made our rounds, we stopped to say goodbye to the penguins. It was just the two of us there, and a few of the penguins were being very friendly with us, following us as we moved, eagerly slamming against the glass. It took us a few minutes to realize that they were doing this because they thought the long piece of grass plant Addy was holding was food for them! We then spent the next five minutes teasing the penguins with the grass, laughing at them as they chased its trail and opened their beaks.

Addy enjoyed having some control over the penguins actions. It was pretty fun to watch! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Annual November Recap Post

Boy the first 11 days of December sure have flown by! We have had plenty going on to keep us busy! This must be a normal thing for me during November and December, because each of the past two years, I have blogged sparingly during that time, only to blog a catch-up post to cover everything I havent had time to write about! So here is my 2014 version of the recap:

Some good news - our house sold back in October after only 12 days on the market, and we finally closed on it two days ago!

I miss the house, I really do. It's sad to think of another young couple living there, possibly starting their family there. That house is filled with so many memories - Addy's first steps, our first house together, where Matt proposed. Big life events, all wrapped up in that house. I miss that, and I miss what we made of the house. But I will not miss all the surprises lurking under the floors, behind the walls, in the ground. That house was unpredictable, and I'm just not built for handling that! It's comforting living in a newer home now, where we know exactly what is original in the house and what has been changed, and by whom. It feels good, and it feels right for us. 

And we are building new memories here too, like that time in early November when Matt got punched in the face at the bar. 

Yup, it really happened. He got punched. It was completely unwarranted and cowardly - a suckerpunch when Matt wasn't even looking. All because he didn't want these guys from Alabama changing the OSU game to the Alabama game, and he later asked these same guys to get out from behind the bar and leave the bartender they were harassing alone. The punch broke his eye socket in three places, and he ended up needing surgery to put a metal plate in to fuse the bones together. 

His face is back to normal now, and he had the staples in his head removed today. The bar's insurance company has tracked down the guy who punched him, so we will see what happens going forward.

Also in early November, I finished decorating the travel-themed guest bedroom in the basement, just in time for some out of town guests! 

I was happy to incorporate the framed black & white photos I took during my trip to Europe in 2005, as well as some London themed gifts from my bestie (the awesome bag and the phone booth & post box on the shelf). I was also excited to put my Pink Zebra Phone Booth shade to use!

Which brings me to my next point...In late October, I signed up to be an Independent Consultant for Pink Zebra - a direct sales company offering the newest and most unique home fragrance products. 

It kind of goes against my Introvert personality, but I am enjoying having something to do with my brain! I love the products and I love introducing them to others. Insert shameless plug for my business:

And lastly, although chronoligically it should have come first, are some long overdue pics from Halloween! Addy wanted to dress up as Elsa (shocker!), but the costume being gifted to her by a friend as an early birthday present did not arrive in time for our first Halloween event - Boo at the Zoo. So I set out to Target to get a last minute costume, only, the costumes and accessories were all BOGO Free that day. So we came home with two costumes!

First up for Boo at the Zoo with her bestie Lilah: Supergirl!

This adorable costume was a great value with
all of the accessories included: boots, belt, cape,
and colored fingernail decals!

I can barely handle the cuteness of these
two girls together. 
Next up for Trick-or-Treating in Lilah's neighborhood: Elsa!

Dress compliments of Alyssa and family,
hat compliments of Aunt Steph.
Last but not least, my absolute favorite in the history of costumes: Dorothy!

And Toto in a basket! Too much!!!!!
So October and November went by really fast, and since December hit, we have been preparing for Christmas. More posts on that to come!