Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mudroom Makeover

We moved in to our house two months ago with a very short list of projects to tackle other than typical settling in activities - paint a few rooms when time allowed and set up a garage organization system to maximize the space. It will all happen in due time, but the mudroom had to get painted the week we moved in so that it was done before the washer and dryer were delivered. I did NOT want to attempt to paint around those!

Here is what the mudroom looked like when we viewed the home as prospective buyers:

The pictures don't make it clear, but the walls were sponge painted yellow. I am not a fan of sponge painting, or that particular color of yellow. Here is the mudroom after being painted with Mocha Accent by Behr:

I am thrilled with the color! I couldn't stop at just paint though...I wanted to make the room very functional. It's the room we will enter every time we come in the house, and it needs to be conducive to that much activity without being cluttered. I turned to Pinterest, of course, to research ideas for wainscoting and board & batten projects for mudrooms. I never found exactly what I envisioned in my head, but I did pick up some tips and such, and I used those to help sketch out my idea for my husband:

This was the first carpentry project for Matt, but he attacked it like a champ. After picking up all the supplies, he got right to work. 

Step 1: Hang wainscoting:

Step 2: Install board & batten:

Step 3: Fill in all the screw holes (not pictured). I started this part but got frustrated and passed it off to Matt. We used both wood filler and white caulk.  

Step 4: Paint it all white and install copious amount of hooks:

I completed this step. It took two coats of paint to smooth out the finish. The hooks are strong and nice looking, and also the most expensive part of the project, even though they were on the cheap end as far as hooks go.

Voila! Behold our wall of hooks!

My command center is hanging on the wall next to it now, as opposed to various places throughout the house, so I finally feel like my thoughts are all in one spot! 

I am very happy with the functionality of the mudroom now! And I'm pleasantly surprised and impressed with Matt's skills (-: 

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  1. I was thinking your mud room was very cute but didn't realize that it didn't come that way when you got the house. I love it - Matt did a fantastic job!