Thursday, November 13, 2014

Birthday Interview: Four Years Old

I began this 20 questions tradition on Addy's third birthday last year. The answers then were amusing, as was the process of having the interview with her. This time around, the interview was short and sweet, with a resounding theme:

  1. My favorite color is: Blue
  2. My favorite book is: Elsa book
  3. My favorite food is: Waffles & pancakes
  4. My favorite movie is: Frozen
  5. My favorite TV show is: Pikachu
  6. My favorite toy is: My Elsa & Anna dolls
  7. My favorite stuffed animal is: My Valentine's Dragon
  8. My favorite song is: Let it Go
  9. My favorite thing to wear is: Elsa dress
  10. My favorite memory is: I don't have any memories
  11. My favorite activity is: Drinking water...and playing
  12. My favorite place to go is: To see Elsa & Anna
  13. My best friend is: Lilah
  14. When I grow up, I want to be: Elsa
  15. I am really good at: Dancing
  16. I like it when mom: Dances with me
  17. I like it when dad: Plays with me
  18. I am beautiful because: I wear my Elsa dress
  19. I like to learn about: Doing tricks like backwards flips
  20. I get frustrated when: You don't do what I do
Did you catch on to the resounding theme? It shouldn't be too difficult to see why here birthday party theme this year was Frozen! (more on that coming soon). You can find her 3rd Birthday Interview here. Sadly, I got booted out of being her best friend, though that means I'm doing a good job as a mommy I suppose! Her favorite color hasn't changed, and she still likes when dad plays with her. 

Seriously guys, I can't believe this girl is four already!

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  1. I am way behind on my blog reading and just saw this. I love this list and since Em was sitting in my lap at the moment, I started asking him the questions too, and jotting the answers on a piece of scrap paper with a sharpie. Will share his answers sometime soon. :)