Thursday, November 13, 2014

Addy's Frozen Fourth

By now it should be clear that Addy is obsessed with all things related to Disney's movie Frozen. So when it came time to plan her birthday party, she asked for a Frozen party. You all know I love to throw a themed party, but I'm gonna be honest; this was my very least favorite party to plan so far. But Addy was thrilled with it, and that is all the matters when celebrating a little girl's birthday!

I kept the theme to more of a Winter Wonderland feel, playing off of the ice blue color of Elsa's dress:

I made Snowglobe table centerpieces/balloon weights from a Pinterest idea.

 Each one was a mason jar with a Frozen figurine hot glued to the lid and some fake snow poured in. 

I did not get all creative with the cake this year, but I think it was a nice cake nonetheless:

I ordered the Elsa sugar sheet from Ebay, but I baked and iced the cake. I also made gluten free cupcakes since there are three people in the family who eat a gluten free diet. 

And there were "Do you want to build a snowman?" kits filled with marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and m&m candies. All the kits were gone without taking a picture, but here is an adorable shot of Addy's friend building his snowman:

The interesting part of planning this party was providing seating for everyone, as we have an entirely empty great room right now. I borrowed some folding tables and chairs from family and set them up in the great room. While it was great for sitting and eating, it did not work out so well for opening the presents - no one could see anything because Addy ended up behind the tables on the floor ripping into the gifts! 

It was an overwhelming party for us adults, but the kids had a fabulous time. The best activity ended up being something I couldn't possibly have planned on - a few of the kids piling in the papason chair and being spun around on the floor! 

Now THAT is pure joy captured in a photo! 

Thank you to all those who came to celebrate Addy's birthday with her! 

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