Monday, October 6, 2014

Addy's new room

Tonight was a very exciting night, because we finally brought Addy's "new" bedroom furniture to the new house! Aside from her toddler bed, her room has been empty since we moved in a month ago. 

I am thrilled to be using the beautiful, solid wood bedroom set that Matt's late mother, Karen, had when she was a child. Looking in Addy's room, I feel like we have brought a piece of Karen into our new home and our family. It warms my heart, and I think that she would be happy too. 

A few weeks ago, Addy picked out her bedding for the upgrade to a full size bed. She picked the Pretty Horses pattern by Circo. 

Though I'm not necessarily wild about horses, I think it's a cute design, and I'm so happy that it works with the existing blue paint color. I really did not want to add this room to my painting list, and was surprised to see a girly pattern that coordinated with it!

With the bigger bed, I finally got to do one thing I have been looking forward to since I was pregnant - I got to crawl in bed with Addy to read her bedtime stories. And now she is sleeping, having no issues with the changes. Yay!

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  1. I love it! Everything about it is very sweet. I love that there's just enough pink to tell it's a girl's room, but you're not knocked over by an overwhelming tsunami of pink when you open the door. I'm glad you stayed with that pretty blue on the walls, it looks nice. I think it's awesome that she gets to use her grandma's furniture too. Objects from the past are a kind of connection to the people from the past who used them too.