Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer of Swimming

Addy's love for water has blossomed this summer, starting with our family vacation in June, during which she learned to swim on her own with her float on. Here are some pics from a few of the water adventures we've been enjoying:

Addy and Aunt Steph floating in the pool on vacation
(Point Harbor, NC)

My baby went kayaking in the sound!!!! Here she is with Jake,
getting brave and adventurous.

Climbing onto the dock after kayaking.

Addy and Aunt Steph relaxing in the hot tub on vacation
(Point Harbor, NC)

Riding the dolphin float in the pool on vacation

Sinking her toes into the sand at the ocean
(Nags Head, NC)

Swimming with mommy (and Grandma) at the condominium pool
of Grandma's friend

Swimming with a buddy in the pool at the home of one of Grammy's friends

Making new friends at the home of one of Grammy's friends

And here is a video of Addy newly swimming throughout the pool on vacation:

Before the summer is out, we hope to spend an afternoon up on the shores of Lake Erie, and hit up the pool at least one more time. I love to see her confidence growing with each trip into the water!

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