Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hey, I put some new shoes on

And suddenly everything is right!

Shoes have been an ongoing battle here for about six months. Addy puts up a massive fight when we require her to wear anything other than her favorite boots:

I do love these boots. And she gets a compliment on them at least once
every single time she wears them out.

She claims all her other shoes hurt her feet, or feel weird, or are messed up, or are tricky, or just aren't right. I let her wear her boots whenever possible, because they're easy on and easy off and it avoids conflict. But, sometimes, real shoes that stay on and are safe to walk in are required, you know? The only pair, of about six to choose from, that she will wear is her old, worn down, filthy, too-small-for-her-feet tennis shoes. And because they are too small, she has spent the last two months or so wearing them without socks. So guess what? They smell like death warmed over, smothered in rotten trash, and then peed on. I'm not kidding either - because she did pee on them at some point. I reached my limit with them, so I bought a new pair of very similar tennis shoes for her. She must have reached her limit too, because she LOVES them and has not argued about wearing them one single time!  

"Hey! I'm ready to go somewhere in my new shoes, RIGHT NOW. So can
you please get this seat in the car?!?!?!"

"C'mon mom. I'm serious here. I'm ready to go."

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