Monday, March 3, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

The 2013/2014 winter season in NE Ohio has been one of the worst in my memory. We have been snowed in on multiple occasions, and temperatures have regularly been too cold to play in the snow, or even leave the house period. As a result, we've spent way too much time cooped up in the house. 

By the time mid-February hit, my winter blues were so strong that I had very little desire to go all out celebrating Valentine's Day. If you recall from my 2013 V-Day post, this holiday is very special to me as celebrating it helps me feel connected to my late mother. I no longer see it as a commercialized reason to say I Love You, rather, I see it as an event to remind Addison how special and important she is to our family. I was still excited to celebrate it this year, but I toned it down quite a bit from what I did last year.

As soon as heart-themed stuff started popping up in the stores, Addy began asking if it was Valentine's Day. In the weeks leading up to the 14th, we completed a few Valentine's crafts:

We made this craft that I found on Pinterest,
but about one month later now, and it still
hangs from the tree untouched by any critters. Boo.
Such concentration!

We made these Valentines for all the grandparents,
also an idea found on Pinterest. The thumb print is Addy's,
and I held her hand to write her name.

Homemade bath bombs, following this surprisingly easy recipe.
Addy had fun helping me mix the ingredients and push the
mixture into the heart molds. I finally used one this past weekend,
and it was fantastic!

We also prepared Valentines for Addy's friends, assuming we would see them at play dates and the planned Valentines Day party.

I'm on the owl craze bandwagon for sure...

Unfortunately, Addy was sick the days surrounding the party, and play dates were few and far between because of the weather. We only handed out two of the 11 Valentines we made. 

We handmade a card for Daddy again this year too:

Yes, another Pinterest idea.
I did most of the work because I waited until the last minute and Addy was sick. She helped me glue a couple of the heart pieces on:
The heart pieces were punched out of Behr paint color samples from Home Depot that I had used to make bookmarks for a few of my family members and girlfriends:
Pinterest again. I'm useless on my own really. Except it was
totally my own brilliant idea to use the punchouts for the pieces
on Matt's card.
All of the was done before the actual holiday. Valentine's Day itself was pretty lame. Addy had a few small gifts to open and a special gift from Daddy too. But I made no heart-shaped foods this year, there were no special Valentine's Day clothes to wear, and she didn't get to enjoy the party with her friends we had planned on. Nevertheless, we all had a great Valentine's Day.


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  2. Awwww. The girls at Lilah's dance studio handed out Valentine's, too, and I felt like such a jerk for not thinking to do anything like that with Lilah, lol! Sorry we missed out. :(