Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nut Job

Last week while on our road trip, Addy had some trouble sitting through the movie Frozen at my friend's house, which is usually the case when we try to sit down and watch a movie. Coincidentally, the very next day, my friend Stacey invited us to an upcoming free screening of Frozen at her local library. Given the previous night's experience, I declined her invitation, and resigned myself to continue to patiently wait for Addy's attention span to improve.
We had plans to visit the zoo with my sister, Stephanie, on Wednesday, but with temps here still in the low 30's, we had to plan for an indoor activity. Stephanie suggested going to see a movie for $1 movie day in Canton. I decided that since it would be two adults versus one child, it would be the perfect time to give the movie theater a try. So we took Addy to see the animated film Nut Job.
Cute little movie
 Aunt Steph treated Addy to popcorn and cookies
The popcorn wasn't really bigger than her, I promise
and we settled in to our seats, not really sure what to expect, but assuming we would not be seeing the whole movie.

Addy cheesin' it up with Aunt Steph
Amazingly, Addy lasted over an hour before she became really fidgety and asked to get up and walk around. There was even a super cute ten minutes when Addy was curled up on Stephanie's lap with her blanket, calmly focused on the movie. And then there was a most embarrassing moment when, during a quiet time, Addy exclaimed loudly, "I farted! Hahahahaha!" That received a few hushed chuckles from the people surrounding us, and I muffled my laughter for a good three minutes. It was one of those moments that you can't stop laughing because you know you aren't supposed to be laughing.
Addy and I walked a few laps around the hallway outside the theater, then Stephanie took a turn with her until the movie ended. Even though she didn't see the whole film, she thought the dark theater and huge TV (her words) were really cool. So, her first movie in the theater was about as successful as we can hope to get with an energetic three year old. Yay!!!!

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