Wednesday, January 29, 2014

M is for...


Her very own purse!

For her birthday, Addy was gifted her very own little purse from her great Aunt Cathy. Inside the purse were two $1 bills. For a few days, Addy would carry the purse around the house, and it ended up finding a home on my purse hook in the kitchen. 

While she was playing with her purse one day, she dug out the dollar bills, crumpled them slightly, and threw them in the trash. Our household doesn't operate on cash - we use our debit cards for every purchase - so she had no idea that the dollar bills were of any significance! Enter her first lesson on money...

I took the bills out of the trash and explained what they were, what she could get with them, and how she could earn more. I told her to keep them in her purse, and the next time we made a trip to Target, she could spend her $2 on whatever she chose. She seemed to understand, but I was skeptical. She never brought it up again.

Roughly one week later, I announced we would be going to Target that afternoon, to which Addy immediately and enthusiastically replied, "Ah, I can take my money and see what I want to get!!!" 

I had so much fun watching her go up and down the aisles at the One Spot, picking up just about one of everything and examining it. She would make a choice, then keep looking and find something else she wanted more, so she'd put the first item back in its spot. She must've done that five times. She really wanted one of the $3 items, but I reminded her that she had only $2 to work with. She was disappointed but moved on quickly. In the end, she chose a bag of iced animal crackers and a little plastic blue truck. I had quite a laugh when, while holding the blue truck and a curling iron/brush set, she weighed her options and said, "This truck is very better!" At the checkout, she completed her very first purchase by handing the cashier her items, then throwing her dollar bills at her with a huge smile of satisfaction on her face.

We decided to keep the money lessons going by telling her she could earn one quarter for every new food she tries. As we prepared for our trip to Target today, she got her purse out to count her quarters. Together, we counted out four quarters for each dollar, and her total was $2.25. Her shopping time today went much like the first time, though she ultimately made her decision more quickly. She chose a pink squishy bear and a book of 300 stickers. 

She's about to cover her legs with stickers...

As we were driving home she said, "Oh no! I forgot to get the animal crackers!" So I told her she'd have to try more foods to earn more money and remember to get them next time. She was cool with that.


  1. Ha ha! This post really made me smile Stacy and I am glad to have been of some assistance in teaching her about the days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and we traded in this mysterious thing called "money." Looks like she has definitely got your "Target" gene and also the knack for value. Glad you and Matt are flexible and creative enough to turn this into a "teachable moment" (barf...). Keep your thinking caps on for her Christmas gifts and how you will try to explain "delayed gratification" and the power of "compound interest."

  2. One quarter for every new food she tries. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Addy is adorable! ^_^