Friday, January 10, 2014

Bath Time

Bath time for the toys, that is! 

I'm not generally interested in cleaning toys, disinfecting anything, or shielding my daughter from germs. I believe that our bodies need to come in contact with germs in order to become stronger, and I believe that the prevalent use of various disinfecting methods ( e.g. hand sanitizers and disposable wipes at public places) is contributing to an increase in sickness and disease.

That being said, these plastic grocery items have been played with for over two years, placed in countless mouths and covered in baby drool repeatedly. But the germs they likely carry weren't so much of a concern to me, rather, it was that they just felt icky and sticky. So I gave them a nice soak in the sink. 

And since Addy's grocery cart was empty while these were soaking, she spent a good 30 minutes taking her stuffed animals for rides around the house in the cart. Adorable. 

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