Monday, December 23, 2013

Recent Happenings, v2.0

Two days ago, I posted a round-up of what we've been up to lately, stuff from November and December. Afterwards, I decided to clean out the videos and photos on my phone, and I realized I had some other gems I wanted to document from way back in September and October. So here they are.

Pick Up Worms game:

I cut pipe cleaners into pieces about 2" long, threw them on the floor, handed Addy a pair of tongs and told her they were worms that needed picked up and put in the bowl. She had them picked up in something like 30 seconds, and went back to whatever she was doing before I interrupted her. 

The majority of our days are spent half-clothed, just so you know.

Pipe Cleaner Letters:

Given her lack of enthusiasm with the worms, I thought the cut up pipe cleaners were destined for some random craft project, so I put them in a plastic baggie in the junk drawer. A few days later, Addy found them and did this, completely by herself: 

The R, seriously? That takes skill.

I walked into the kitchen to find her making these perfect little letters out of them. That was a pretty awesome moment! 


In early October, Matt took a staycation, mainly so I could get my wisdom teeth pulled. That Friday, we took a much anticipated trip to COSI science museum in Columbus, a favorite memory from both my and Matt's childhoods. 

Addy dressed as the doorman from Curious George

Matt & Addy experimenting with wind at the Renkens Farm exhibit

Matt showing Addy some cool bugs under the magnifier

Addy playing with water jets

"Woah, it's the big city!"

The toddler water play area was the most fun

Pouring water into the spiral to make the boats travel faster

It was a fun filled day, but we were all a little underwhelmed, and neither of us felt it was worth the drive. I think the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland has much more to offer for Addy at this age, with far less travel time. 

The First Pigtails:

In early October, Addy accompanied her friend Lilah to her weekly ballet class for 'Bring a Friend' day. Dress code requires either a bun or pigtails, so my awesome husband took it upon himself to attempt the very first pigtail hairdo on Addy.

Seeing her reflection, she exclaimed, "Oh, I look like Lilah!"

He did pretty awesome, don't you think?!? Since then, pigtails have become my favorite because they work well with her numerous cowlicks, and they stay in place much longer than a standard ponytail. So the pigtails were a success, but ballet class was not - she lasted all of two minutes. 

Coloring Book:

Sometime in early to mid October, I created a special dry-erase coloring book for Addy. She's never been very interested in coloring, and won't spend more than two minutes focusing on it, but I thought having various coloring pages and activities she could erase would be of more interest to her. I took a 1" binder, filled it with sheet protectors, and inserted an assortment of pictures and worksheets. I included letter and shape tracing sheets, picture matching games, and big bubbly pictures to color. 

I love this little kid-sized table

At first, it seemed like a hit. She loved the picture matching games and completed them both correctly right away. Then she began scribbling, and threw the crayons after about one minute - literally, threw them. That was the end of that. I've brought the book out on a couple occasions, with no interest from her. Someday? Maybe? I never knew there was such a thing as a kid who doesn't love coloring. 

Potty Training Update:

Addy began peeing on the potty occasionally in August, and I took the approach of completely child-led potty training. By mid-September, she was consistently wearing panties, but holding her poop until we put her in a diaper. She put her last poop in a diaper sometime around late October, and she's been 100% potty trained and accident free since then. Of course, she still wears a diaper at bedtime because she still sleeps in a crib, so she doesn't have the ability to get up and use the potty at night. 

She LOVES her Doc McStuffins panties, and I know they helped her stay motivated to keep dry. She has been rather excited to use various public restrooms. Every time we leave the house to go somewhere she hasn't peed before, she asks if the location has a potty. I no longer have to remind her to use the potty, though I usually mention it to her at social functions in case she's too caught up in playing and having fun. 

I am absolutely thrilled with how easy and stress free potty training Addy turned out to be. I couldn't have asked for it to go any more smoothly! 

Other Stats:

At three years old, Addy is 39" tall and weighs 32 pounds. She is just starting to get into sight words, but very beginner and not very interested. She knows her name when she sees it. She can count to  50. She has demonstrated beginning math skills on a few occasions (simple addition and subtraction). She knows our street name and left & right directions. Her personality is truly budding, and this girl is hil-ar-i-ous, lemme tell you. She makes me laugh a hundred times a day, even on a bad day. She can be demanding and bratty, but three is turning out to be pretty darn fun too. 

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