Sunday, December 29, 2013


That's the name of a main character in the book I'm currently reading. I've spent the entire time reading it sitting in bed beginning at 8:30 each night, passing time, because...

Four is also the number of nights that Addy has gone to bed IN HER BIG GIRL BED! Three years, one month, and 21 days is all it took Everything in due time, right? 

My hunch was right - she was ready, but as long as her crib was an option in her room, her crib it would be. So we converted the crib to a daybed and removed the toddler bed from her room, leaving her with her usual safe haven, just slightly altered. 

On night one, she hesitated and it took some comforting. She left her room once to seek our comfort, but fell asleep shortly after we tucked her back in. On night two, she left the room twice, and there were a few tears as we persuaded her to get back in bed. On night three, she came out of her room once to blow her nose, then once again to ask where her water was. I told her where, without leaving my bed, and said goodnight. She marched back in her room and climbed back into bed, falling asleep shortly thereafter. Tonight, on night four, she never left the room after being tucked in. So, I feel safe in shouting "SUCCESS!" from the rooftop. The only con is that she's waking up earlier now, during the latter part of the hour that begins with a 7. But compared to working moms, and most of my SAHM friends, that pretty much still makes me spoiled, so I'm probably not allowed to complain. Also, she awakes and excitedly pitter-patters across the hall to my room, which she finds empty, then hurries downstairs, anxious to find us. I'm actually really liking this new routine. 

All four nights, I've gone to my bedroom across the hall immediately after tucking her in so that I'm nearby in case she gets scared. I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my evening alone time in my bed, fiddling on my phone and reading until I'm tired.

Oh,  and if you're wondering, the book I'm reading is Divergent, and it's fantastic. 

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