Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas with a three year old is, quite simply, magical. Matt and I were so excited for Christmas morning that we were up at 5:30, just waiting. At 8:30, Addy was still sleeping soundly, so we decided to wake her up. Her reply: "There's too much light in here!" She wakes up slow, just like I do.

I have a total of five pictures on my phone from Christmas, because I made a conscious decision to put the phone away and live in the moment, soaking in all the magic without the distraction of trying to capture that perfect shot. My camera roll might be empty, but my memory is full, and that's much more important. Here's what I did capture:

The milk and cookies we left out for Santa. Addy insisted upon
putting her Santa figurine on the tray, so he would see it and know
the cookies were for him!
The tree on Christmas morning

The thank you note Santa left on the cookie tray

Matt giving Addy a tutorial on her new kid-friendly tablet

Addy holding on tight to her new "Snoofy" from Santa, on our
way to Nana and Papa's house. Snoofy was a huge hit.
This was a Christmas I will cherish forever. Though the focus of this one was the magic of Santa, I hope to teach her through the years that Christmas is about so much more - love, kindness to all, helping others in need. I look forward to starting traditions that speak to those values.

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  1. Glad you guys had a wonderful holiday - we did too! Magical is definitely the right word. I am the same way - I take pictures often, but on holidays and birthdays I hardly have any shots because I am too busy getting in on all the action, and I prefer to be *present* in those special moments.