Sunday, December 22, 2013

3rd Annual Ornament Extravaganza

Earlier this month, we continued our annual tradition of making ornaments with my best friend's family. This year, we included Matt's longtime friend Stacey, and her family, who have become an integral part of our circle of friends. This was our Pinterest-inspired project for this year:

Adorable, right? This turned out to be the perfect project for the little hands we were all working with. The kids had fun getting their hands painted white, and the adults had fun adorning the handprints with the makings of snowmen. Everyone's ornaments turned out great! Here is ours:

The kids also had a blast making Christmas trees with sugar cones, green icing, and yummy embellishments:

It was so much fun watching how differently each kid made their edible creation! Long after the boys began eating their trees, and Addy had devoured hers, sweet Lilah was still methodically placing little sixlets and sugar beads on her tree.

She never did eat it, but instead left it here when she went home so that Addy could eat it. I think she secured her position as Addy's best friend with that move!!!

I look forward to this wonderful tradition of ours each year, and now it's even better sharing it with two awesome families.

2nd Annual Ornament Extravaganza

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