Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall Craft Roundup

Fall: my favorite time of year. The smells, the colors, the air, the flavors, the cozy clothes, the activities. So much to savor September through November. Though it's mid-November and most of Fall's wonderfulness has left for the year, I'm still enjoying pumpkin recipes (which I will get around to posting) and Addy & I are still crafting. I think we finished up today after using up the pile of leaves we had collected weeks ago. Here's a look at the fall crafts we did this year:

Popsicle Stick Scarecrows

Addy's is the one on the left. Just kidding (-;

This was the first cutting and gluing project we've done, and I was fairly impressed with Addy's beginner skills. The very first glue line she did was a perfect, evenly squeezed line straight down a popsicle stick, but she did eventually get a little glue-happy when applying the scarecrow's hair: 

Good thing glue dries clear!

She does well with scissors, using them carefully and properly, but she's a long way from being able to cut along a line; she's just snipping little pieces right now.

Month of Thanks Banner

I'll be sad when November is over because this banner makes me smile

This is a Pinterest idea I'd like to do every year going forward. I ran construction paper through my printer and cut out the shapes. I hung jute twine leftover from my wedding crafts along the mantle using tiny 3M Command hooks, and found the mini clothespins at Pat Catan's. Each day I write something I'm thankful for on a cutout and hang it up. Each day, I also ask Addy what she's thankful for, but I've had limited success. She's not really into this "game" yet, but I look forward to her answers next year. So far, she has named everyone in our family, dancing, birds, and Netflix. 

She even included the cats, which is surprising since she tortures them.

Paper Strip Trees 

I had to trim the edges off the construction paper to fit it through the printer for the above project, so I came up with a simple craft using the strip scraps:

Not very impressive, but helped break up some boredom

Addy laid out her strips and glued them on. I cut the shape. Quick and simple for a little more gluing practice.

Painting with Fall Leaves

As I said before, a few weeks back, we went on a walk and collected pretty leaves. We didn't do anything with them right away, though I had plenty of ideas in my head. Addy asked if she could paint today, so I thought she might enjoy painting the leaves and making imprints. They turned out to be a little too brittle to do much with, but here are our creations:

Addy kind of just painted and piled them

Addy helped me hold some of these in place while I did the brush strokes

Awesome giant leaf we found at Aunt Steph's house. Tried to make
and imprint of it, but it didn't show up too well.

And that wraps it up for our fall crafts this year. We had some fun! 

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