Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Care Bears Birthday Bash

Two months prior to her birthday, Addy turned to me and stated she wanted a Care Bears birthday party. Up to that moment, I had been planning on a Curious George party, and was personally looking forward to it. But, what a 3-year-old wants a 3-year-old gets, right? Well, no, not always. But I didn't hesitate to give in to her request for Care Bears!

I think you can tell from her 1st birthday and 2nd birthday that I like to throw a themed party. I truly enjoy the creative process behind planning and executing all the details. I am fully aware that most of my friends and family think I am nuts and/or my priorities are out of whack, and that's okay. Right now, I've got one kid, so everything that goes into planning her party is manageable. If we throw another kid into the mix, well, I'm sure I'll be slapping some pizza on the counter and MAYBE blowing up some balloons, and my floors probably won't be swept. So until then, I'm going to have fun utilizing my creativity while I can. That being said, I went way overboard last year, so I DID tame it down this year, and gave myself a budget - of which I stayed within to boot! I think everything turned out nice, kids had a good time, and Addy had a great day. 

Matt and I created a fabulous rainbow balloon arch in the living room:

Notice to the left, Addt happily riding on Max's back

And placed a secondary one across the dining room table (where Addy and her friend Lilah enjoyed some cake together):

Addy and Lilah enjoying some cake and ice cream together.

I purchased a couple of Care Bear tablecovers and displayed the fruit tray and veggie tray in a rainbow pattern - even found purple cauliflower for the veggie tray!

I didn't do a very good job of capturing the rainbows, but
this was the only pic of the food taken, with a bonus
Papa in the picture!

And I made these super-cute cookie favors for the kids, playing off of Love-A-Lot Bear:

Love-A-Lot cookies

The cookie is Love-A-Lot's belly badge, and the tag reads "You are a friend I love a lot. Thank you for sharing in my birthday celebration!" I cheated and used bagged sugar cookie mix, but I made this awesome recipe for royal icing, and applied it using squeeze tubes. The icing was really easy to work with and I loved the final result. But guess what? I left the cookies up in the office and completely forgot to hand them out! I'm such an idiot sometimes!!!

Lastly, there was the cake. My favorite part of any party. I love designing and creating the cake. It's totally my "thing", if you will. I don't care if I end up having a litter of kids, I WILL do the cake. 

I really struggled with the Care Bears cake in the beginning. After searching Pinterest and Google, I had a solid idea of what I wanted: a two-tier cake with a rainbow wrapping around it and Care Bears sliding down the rainbow. The problem was, I could not figure out a way to create the rainbow just right. I was about to resort to ditching the cake and just having cupcakes instead, when my awesome husband informed me that Twizzlers come in a rainbow pack. Problem solved! I used the Twizzlers to create a rainbow arching from the cake into cupcake "clouds" (I inserted a bamboo skewer into each one for flexible support). I was really really happy with my final creation:

Addy helped me place a few of the Care Bears. Aren't those
star candles the coolest too?!?!?!

Cheer Bear sliding down the Twizzzler rainbow

The adorable Care Bear figurines (Birthday Bear on top!) came from EBay. I let Addy play with them long before her party, and she was super obsessed with them:

Addy lining up her first batch of Care Bear figurines.
Two additional shipments followed, for a total of 21 bears.

A few of the party guests played off the Care Bears theme with their gifts and cards:

Funshine Bear from Grandpa & Grammy, and Grumpy Bear from Lilah and family

An adorable, musical Funshine Bear card from Aunt Steph and family

An awesome handmade card from best friend Lilah and family
Matt and I celebrated with Addy on her actual birthday also, presenting our gifts to her then. Here's the video:

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