Sunday, October 27, 2013

Recent Coversations

I'm trying to do a better job of recording funny, interesting, and surprising things Addy says. Here are a few snippets from the past week or so.

On the way to the YMCA, the car in front of me made a quick turn, causing the tires to squeal...
Addy: "What was that?"
Me: "The tires on the car in front of us squealed."
Addy: "Yeah, he was going TOO fast. That's what that was."

I was rounding up Addy's dirty clothes for laundry time, and I picked up a shirt that didn't look remotely dirty. I reached for a hanger...
Addy: "That has peaches on it."
Me: "No, there's no peaches silly, that's an owl."
Addy: "No, there's peaches on it!"
Me: "I'm confused..."
Addy: "I spilled peaches on my dress and daddy took it off. There's peaches on it. It's dirty. It 'longs in the basket."

I handed Addy my phone to play her games on...
"Thanks mom. You're my BEST mommy."

Addy had just added water to her instant oatmeal and was stirring it up. I grabbed her blanket and began walking toward the living room...
Addy: "Wait! I can hold my blankie and you can carry me!"
(I pick her up) "Here, take my oatmeal please. Be careful. Don't get my blankie all oatmealy!"

Addy was sorting through her Halloween candy and found a box of nerds. As matt opened the box, Addy says, "Can I have some? Can I chew my belly?" all while nodding her head in affirmation.

We bought a new vacuum because ours died. Matt was assembling the new one...
"I'm gonna help you fix the vacuum, Daddy. 'Cuz it's lots of work."

Matt (acting like a robot) was holding Addy up to see in the mirror so she could watch herself brush her teeth...
"Daddy Robot, I'm beautiful. I have a bow! And hair, and a nose, and, ummmmm, eyes. Yeah, yeah."

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