Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween 2013

I am a lover of Halloween and trick-or-treating. I think it's just an awesome thing for kids to be able to dress up and eat copious amounts of candy that normally they would get in trouble for. And I love seeing all the fun/creative/elaborate/scary costumes out there!

This year, since Addy asked for a Care Bears birthday party, I thought it would be fun to dress her as a Care Bear. After bidding on six different costumes on EBay - some Cheer Bear and some Grumpy Bear - I finally won a listing. Size 3T-4T Cheer Bear, and there was not an inch to spare on my tall daughter! 

We were lucky enough to go trick-or-treating twice. The first time out, with her friend Lilah, Addy was a little timid and very slow, and she often tried to take more than one piece. After about 30 minutes, she said, "I have enough candy. Let's go home now." We kept going, but we took turns carrying her between houses. Of course, cuteness is all around whenever she and Lilah get together.

The second time out, Addy really had the hang of it. She'd go running up to the porches, she'd pick what kind of candy she wanted, and she'd take only one. She really had a lot of fun, but still was ready to call it quits pretty early on. 

Cheer Bear got rave reviews throughout both neighborhoods, with many people saying it was the best costume they'd seen! Personally, I think it's time for the Care Bears to make an official comeback for Addy's generation (-: Here are a few more shots of my precious little Cheer Bear:

I told her to strike a pose for the picture, but she instead made up her own little cheer. Priceless!

Enjoying the fruits of her labor.

The biggest stuffed animal of the bunch!

A video of Addy trying Nerds for the first time.

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