Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All in a day's work

The other night, I happened upon a status update and string of comments on Facebook from a soon-to-be mother that said she could never be a SAHM because she'd be so bored. While I can agree that some days are boring, things can get mundane, my brain isn't often stimulated and challenged, and I miss adult conversation, the job as a whole is ANYTHING but boring. Here's what we did today:

 - Had a time-out before breakfast was even served, and another before the day was over
 - One load of laundry (Addy puts all the dirty clothes into the washer, and I hand her wet clothes to put into the dryer)
 - Pulled weeds in the front flowerbeds
 - Dug dirt and carefully explored a defunct bees nest in the ground
 - Washed dishes (Addy washes all plastic items and cutlery except steak knives, and then I have to wash them again)
 - Watched the Curious George episode about the wind symphony, then scoured the house to build and/or find musical instruments so we could play our own symphony. We then had a recital when Matt came home for lunch
 - Played Super Mommy/Super Addy (with her blankie draped on our backs) and chased away Lions and Dragons
 - Put away all her toys in the playroom since it was left in shambles from the previous day
 - Assembled the last three bookshelves to be hung in her bedroom
 - Went for a walk and gathered leaves in preparation for a fall craft to do another day
 - Scrolled Pinterest together to find a craft to do, and made craft stick Scarecrows

 - Made a batch of moldable frosting to experiement for her birthday cake decorating. She told me to color a ball red and she colored a ball green
 - Doctored a bloody boo-boo on the bottom of her foot because she stepped on something sharp on my bedroom floor
 - Ended the day with cuddling on the couch, and listening to her tell Matt all about her day when he got home late from work at 7:30

See? Anything but boring. Of course not every day is like this, but more or less, this is what it's all about. It's not for everyone, I get that. But it's for me.


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