Thursday, August 22, 2013

The terrible twos

This has been happening frequently. This particular episode was because I was playing with Addy upstairs but needed to go downstairs to start dinner. But episodes have been known to happen for reasons such as:

- choosing between various types of small cookies and immediately regretting the decision she made
- angel teddy bear didn't land exactly where she was supposed to upon being thrown across the room
- I put on the wrong Pingu on Netflix
- she can't get her panties pulled up over her butt
- the books on her bookshelf keep sliding down as she's trying to clean them up from off the floor

And so on. Most of the time, I can laugh at the complete absurdity of it all. And I know that life really is difficult for her right now - she's a little person that knows what she wants, but doesn't always know how to get it, and her brain isn't yet capable of reasoning and logical thinking. What I have a difficult time with, though, is her physical aggression. She hits.  A lot. More than I'd like to admit. And she has started biting. Ooooooh, the dreadful biting. I'm at a loss as to an effective way to stop the physical aggression, as I feel the worst message we could send is to spank her for doing it. "Hey! Hitting is BAD! To punish you for hitting me, I'm going to spank your butt!" Doesn't exactly add up, right? That's got to be pretty confusing to a toddler. So....suggestions? 


  1. Does she morph into "the incredible Addy" quickly or is it more of a slow transformation?

  2. I guess I'm asing if there is a earlier moment to intervene before Addy goes full blown frustrated ��

  3. It depends on the situation. If we can see the physical aggression coming, we've been using the phrase, "Stop and think" and reminding her that hitting/biting/whatever is about to happen is not acceptable. It actually seems to be working. And we remind her that it's okay to get angry/frustrated/mad, but it's never okay to hurt another person/animal/property because of it. We are definitely having less out-of-control tantrums of this calibur.

  4. Hurray for you and Matt! Early intervention and prevention always seem like the ways to go but it's not always possible with a little bug at Addy's age ��