Sunday, August 4, 2013

First pee in the potty!

Houston, we have pee-pee in the potty! During bedtime tonight, Addy had finished brushing her teeth and Matt started to get a fresh diaper on her. She said, "No diaper, I need to pee in the potty!" She then sat down on the potty, pushed for a few seconds, and peed! She watched the stream come out, then she did a cute little belly giggle and said, "Look mommy and daddy, I peeing in the potty!!!!!! Yay!!!!!" She balled up some toilet paper and wiped herself, then spent the next five minutes trying really hard to poop. It was all very exciting.

You might recall a way-back post about the potty we purchased for her? I happened to write that post on August 10, 2012. So nearly one year later, she finally made proper use of the thing! Congratulations Addy!

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