Saturday, July 6, 2013

Great Lakes Science Center

Earlier this week, Addy and I took a special trip to the wonderful Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, but it was made extra special because Grandpa and Grammy joined us! My father is a chemist, so I figured inviting him to the Science Center with his granddaughter was the perfect way to thank him for gifting us our annual membership to the McKinley Monument & Museum earlier this year. Though Addy was more interested in the ball pit and play area than the multitude of science exhibits, I'm certain he and Grammy still enjoyed the day. I think a follow-up visit is in order for when Addy is a little older and more focused, so Grandpa can share his love of science with her.

Inside a space shuttle replica

Excitedly smacking the paddles over the pipes
to create different tones

Great action shot of Addy and Grandpa watching
the ball get sucked up the air tube in the ball pit

These fish blow air that keeps the balls floating
in the air. Addy got a huge kick out of this!

Addy turning the wheel to move the bucket
of balls up the track.

Chillin at the computer with headphones on.
She would sit at one long enough to get in this
position, then she would move over to the next,
on down the line. Seriously, this kid has zero focus!

At the outdoor water play area, she took out
all the bath toys from this station and lined
them up just like she does at home. She was not
happy when we pulled her away from this to check
out other exhibits!

Lunch break! She was seriously eating around
the crust of an uncrustable, as Grammy pointed
out! Then right as I was snapping this picture, she
decided to bite the "crust".

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