Saturday, May 11, 2013

Playroom reading nook

If you're on Pinterest, you've probably seen at least one variation of the awesome idea to use little wooden spice racks from IKEA to hold children's books. The spice racks are only $4.99 a piece, and can hold a handful of books forward facing. When I first saw them used this way about a year ago, I decided I wanted to put some in the playroom. A big chunk of Addy's books were on a traditional 3-shelf unit in the playroom, but she rarely looked at them. I thought that breaking them up into smaller "piles", and turning them front-facing would entice her to read more while in the playroom, as opposed to just in her bedroom at bedtime. Unfortunately, IKEA in Pittsburgh has been out of stock for quite some time (probably because of all the Pinterest addicts like myself), but I was finally able to pick them up this past week. Here's the finished playroom reading nook:

I was right - the new setup definitely entices her to spend more time reading in her playroom! Unfortunately, she feels the need to take out every single book from the five racks and place it on the floor. Each book must not overlap another, and they must all be on the floor before she begins reading.

That's not exactly what I had in mind, but whatever. My kid is weird sometimes. When she puts them away, it's fun to watch her figure out how to layer the books in the racks to get them all to fit again. I see it as a good little lesson in problem solving and spatial organization!

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