Monday, April 29, 2013

Before the birds and the bees hook up...

We don't use code words for male and female genitalia in this house. Sure, I think it's adorable and hilarious when little kids blurt out the usual made up words for these body parts - peepee, weewee, hooha - what have you. But I guess I just kind of think, well, it's a private part, but I don't want to teach it as being "silly" or "shameful" or "dirty"...I'm not finding the right words here. No offense to anyone that prefers to use the more fun names; for me, it just feels more natural to use the actual body part names. For the record, I personally prefer hooha over vagina, but when imagining my daughter talking about hers, something didn't seem right about hearing her say hooha. So, when Addy first expressed interest in her genitalia (I do not happen to recall exactly when this was), I called it a vagina. So now she'll say, "My 'gina hurts", or "I have 'gina, you have 'gina".

As a SAHM, I get the pleasure of never getting to shower without a toddler all up in my business. My husband, on the other hand, gets that luxury 99% of the time. So it turns out that today, as he was drying himself off after his shower, Addy caught sight of his manly parts for the first time (My husband might be planning to kill me as he reads this blog post - sorry dear! We must record all off the wonderful firsts, you know?) She looks at it, and questions, "What's that 'gina?" I love my husband, because even though we've never discussed the topic, we're on the same page with terminology. He responds, "Oh no honey, girls have vaginas but boys have penises".

She just nodded her head and moved along. So, yeah. Two and a half years old, and we've got penis and vagina covered. I hope its quite a few years before we need to discuss their functions in whole, or else I'm going to have to invent the "Slow the fuck down, time!" button.


  1. When the time comes to go over all that stuff in greater detail, that book I was telling you about is:

    We read it together and I was quite impressed with how simply and comfortably everything was covered - I think the authors did an excellent job. Although Max asked me the other day, "Is your twinkler cut like Daddy's?" Me: "Um, no - remember, girls have a vagina. And you know the real word for yours is penis, right?" Max: "Oh yeah. I'm gonna call it twinkler though."

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    2. I don't know why that didn't come up as a link. It's called "It's Not The Stork!" by Robie Harris and Michael Emberley. I've also heard "The Care and Keeping of You" by Valerie Schaefer mentioned over & over again in lots of discussions.