Monday, March 11, 2013

Mommy's Little Helper

For about a month now, Addy has been wanting to help me with EVERYTHING. She sees me start a task and says, "Mommy need help? I help too!" and then runs to get her stool if it's needed. From sweeping the floors (she has a love affair with the swiffer) to helping me cook, she is eager as can be to be mommy's little helper.

I knew this stage would come, and I was sort of dreading it. Because, let's be honest, who really looks forward to a toddler up their ass all the live long day while trying to accomplish daily duties? It's bad enough that I haven't pooped or peed alone for almost two years. But you know what, I'm really enjoying this. Sure, everything takes twice as long as it did without her help. But her satisfaction and joy that comes from helping me? That's priceless. And I know that everything I'm patiently teaching her now is helping her to become a more independent kid and adult who can one day function without me around. There's a lot of satisfaction and joy in it for me too.

Helping mommy stir the pancake batter

Helping mommy make granola
by scooping oats from the container into
a measuring cup

Helping mommy wash dishes
(this doesn't actually help me
AT ALL, but I let her think it does)

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