Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Manipulating the Babysitter

Last Thursday, Aunt Steph returned for 'Thursdays with Addy', after a long break? Vacation? Absence? Period of time where she had more than enough of her own commitments? I don't know, but it's been roughly four months or so since Addy and Aunt Steph got to spend some good quality time together.

Earlier in the day, I had told Addy she could have one cookie. When I went to get her the cookie, I was reminded by the empty cupboard spot that we had finished them off a few days ago. So, wanting to stay true to my word, I offered up a marshmallow instead. We have an unusually large amount and variety of marshmallows in this house, due to the leftovers from our wedding Gourmet S'mores Bar. I keep them in a red canvas bin on the top shelf in my pantry. The reason for this is twofold: 1) so I don't see them and eat them all the live long day, and 2) so Addy doesn't see them when she follows me in to the pantry and then beg for marshmallows for the next 10 minutes. But like an idiot, I let her follow me in to the pantry while I retrieved her marshmallow. This is the text I got later that same evening from Aunt Steph:

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  1. Seriously Stacy, you've got trouble on your hands! I cannot believe how smart that girl is. :)