Thursday, January 31, 2013

If you say so

[Edited: I originally posted this with just the first statement, accidentally. I meant to save it as a draft and keep adding Addy-isms to it!]

Addy thinks veggie straws are "yummy fries." I'm good with that.

Whenever she sees our cat Dexter, she says, "Nice to see you Dex!" We have no idea where she got this from.

If she's having a tantrum over something, such as refusing to eat her dinner, once she calms down and decides she's ready to eat, she'll climb in her chair and proudly exclaim, "No crying!"

"My do it, too!" means she wants to do it all by herself, with absolutely no help. This is usually followed by "Help, please" shortly after.

If she notices something that is not quite right, such as a distorted picture, she says, "Oh no! Happened?" in the most adorable concerned tone.

Noodles are still Noonals.

Sometimes when she drinks her water, she says, "Aaaahhhhh, so good!"

At bedtime, she purposely slaps her hands against the crib slats, then whines, "Hurt the hands!" and pretend cries until we kiss her palms. We are super tired of this one.

The other day I told her we were going to lunch with our friend Candy. She replied, "Mmmm, nummy candy! Trick or treat!"

She randomly sings the Happy Birthday song because she seems to think she'll get a piece of birthday cake.

She asks for cookies for breakfast every morning, even though I always say no. A girl's gotta try, right?

She calls Target the "Puppy Store", because of the dog in their advertising.

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  1. Adorable! I love them all!

    Also, when Max was little and would help me call Noodle in from outside, he would yell, "NOO-NALLLLL!" I had forgotten all about that, thanks for reminding me!