Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

I'm not a huge fan of the holiday season, because I tend to get overly stressed out about all the socializing required. It's purely exhausting to me. But this year, I found myself beginning to get excited about what Christmas means for Addy. This year, she understands what presents are and gets excited about opening each one. She recognizes Santa Claus and knows that a Christmas tree gets decorated. This year, it's just the tip of the iceberg, and I'm already excited about how fun next year is going to be!

We had lots of family outings to go to - The Sombati family party, my Home Depot work party, a gathering with Grandma and family at our house, the Villilo family party in Columbus, Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grammy's house, Christmas Day visit with Papa and Nana, and a visit with Great Grandma Jean. Wowsers! And wouldn't you know, Santa left presents for Addy at every single location!!!

Animal masks are SO FUN!

That's one tuckered out little
girl after partying with Grandma!

Super Potato fun on Christmas Eve

A small sampling of the random
toy happenings around the
house the day after Christmas.

Addy checking out more presents
after opening her awesome new tutu
made by Aunt Steph.

Making up her own dance? The Toddler Shuffle?
She was a whole lotta cuteness at the Sombati
family party.
A rare picture of myself! Helping Addy roll out
some homemade play dough.
Here's a video of Addy opening presents from Aunt Steph and Grandma...

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