Friday, January 25, 2013

Big letter, Little letter

Addy was playing with her magnet letters, and I heard her say repeatedly, 'Big C, little C! Big C, little C!" I look over, and realize she had been picking up letters from the pile on the floor and was pairing them up on the board.

She had correctly matched C, J, N and S. I'm not exactly sure what two-year-olds should be doing with their letters, but I'm pretty impressed by this. From a pile of magnets on the floor, she specifically sought out matches and placed them together. Without any help or suggestion. Completely on her own. So I videotaped her for a couple minutes. Because of a really annoying glitch in my YouTube account, I can only send videos from my phone that are less that 50 seconds or here is a clip that surprised me even further.

1 comment:

  1. That is SERIOUSLY fantastic! Go Addy! Also, when you were asking her what starts with "F" I totally thought she said a different, very bad "F" word there for a second... LOL!