Thursday, January 31, 2013

If you say so

[Edited: I originally posted this with just the first statement, accidentally. I meant to save it as a draft and keep adding Addy-isms to it!]

Addy thinks veggie straws are "yummy fries." I'm good with that.

Whenever she sees our cat Dexter, she says, "Nice to see you Dex!" We have no idea where she got this from.

If she's having a tantrum over something, such as refusing to eat her dinner, once she calms down and decides she's ready to eat, she'll climb in her chair and proudly exclaim, "No crying!"

"My do it, too!" means she wants to do it all by herself, with absolutely no help. This is usually followed by "Help, please" shortly after.

If she notices something that is not quite right, such as a distorted picture, she says, "Oh no! Happened?" in the most adorable concerned tone.

Noodles are still Noonals.

Sometimes when she drinks her water, she says, "Aaaahhhhh, so good!"

At bedtime, she purposely slaps her hands against the crib slats, then whines, "Hurt the hands!" and pretend cries until we kiss her palms. We are super tired of this one.

The other day I told her we were going to lunch with our friend Candy. She replied, "Mmmm, nummy candy! Trick or treat!"

She randomly sings the Happy Birthday song because she seems to think she'll get a piece of birthday cake.

She asks for cookies for breakfast every morning, even though I always say no. A girl's gotta try, right?

She calls Target the "Puppy Store", because of the dog in their advertising.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Naughty Naptime

During the past two weeks, the period of the day that should be naptime has become mostly talk-to-self-in-crib-incessantly time. And on six of those days, I have opened the bedroom door to find a naked baby with either a wet mattress or a poop-filled diaper that has been, um, examined.

She put her knee and her foot in the poop,
then tracked it around the crib mattress.
Poor cheer bear was a victim too.

This time, she had poop on the tip of her finger
and nowhere else. She was anxious for me
to clean off her finger.
 Oh, the joys of motherhood. It could be worse. I mean, at least she's not scooping it in her hands and spreading it all over the crib and the walls, right? *knocks on wood*

Friday, January 25, 2013

Where did my baby go?

The top 5 things Addy says that remind me she's no longer a baby:

5. Yes I do, want cookie, mom, please.
4. Stop that! ::extends arm and signals STOP!::
3. Ooops, sorry mom!
2. Big girl teddy asleep in the big girl bed!
1. Owwww, my vagina hurts!

Big letter, Little letter

Addy was playing with her magnet letters, and I heard her say repeatedly, 'Big C, little C! Big C, little C!" I look over, and realize she had been picking up letters from the pile on the floor and was pairing them up on the board.

She had correctly matched C, J, N and S. I'm not exactly sure what two-year-olds should be doing with their letters, but I'm pretty impressed by this. From a pile of magnets on the floor, she specifically sought out matches and placed them together. Without any help or suggestion. Completely on her own. So I videotaped her for a couple minutes. Because of a really annoying glitch in my YouTube account, I can only send videos from my phone that are less that 50 seconds or here is a clip that surprised me even further.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Manipulating the Babysitter

Last Thursday, Aunt Steph returned for 'Thursdays with Addy', after a long break? Vacation? Absence? Period of time where she had more than enough of her own commitments? I don't know, but it's been roughly four months or so since Addy and Aunt Steph got to spend some good quality time together.

Earlier in the day, I had told Addy she could have one cookie. When I went to get her the cookie, I was reminded by the empty cupboard spot that we had finished them off a few days ago. So, wanting to stay true to my word, I offered up a marshmallow instead. We have an unusually large amount and variety of marshmallows in this house, due to the leftovers from our wedding Gourmet S'mores Bar. I keep them in a red canvas bin on the top shelf in my pantry. The reason for this is twofold: 1) so I don't see them and eat them all the live long day, and 2) so Addy doesn't see them when she follows me in to the pantry and then beg for marshmallows for the next 10 minutes. But like an idiot, I let her follow me in to the pantry while I retrieved her marshmallow. This is the text I got later that same evening from Aunt Steph:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is how we eat popsicles

Monday, January 14, 2013

Laughter is the best medicine

Grandma dropped off balloons to brighten sick Addy's day. I think it worked!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Are you smarter than a two-year-old?

Addy and I are watching a really stupid show called "The Wheels on the Bus," available on Netflix. The bus makes a stop at the aquarium, and as we are given a tour of the place, some jellyfish are shown on screen. And then this happens (exact wording):

Addy: "Eat Jellyfish"

Me: "No honey, you can't eat jellyfish. That would be very dangerous."

Addy: "Sea turtles eat jellyfish."
*stares at me as if she's thinking, 'I just schooled you, Mommy'*

Because sea turtles do, in fact, eat jellyfish.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My not so happy sick girl

Slight fever, tummy ache, huge blowout, and dry heaving. She's got a little stomach bug it seems. So we are staying in pajamas and cuddling on the couch today.

Monday, January 7, 2013

My happy passenger

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Playing a little catch-up

I neglected the blog a little bit in the last couple months of 2012, and there's definitely some stuff that I want to capture to look back upon, so I'm just gonna bundle all this random stuff together in a catch-up blog post. Some dates are approximate, because most pictures I take are on my iPhone, and to my knowledge, it doesn't record the date when a picture is taken. Which, in my opinion, is total bullshit. So if anyone knows of this function existing, please let me know. I'm not exactly an iPhone Pro.

Early November:
We took advantage of a sunny day and visited the Akron Zoo for our last trip of the season. I LOVE early and late season visits, because we virtually have the entire zoo to ourselves. Normally, there are tons of kids crowded around this random slide/play area they have, so in the past, I've strategically diverted Addy's attention from it as we walk by. But on this visit, there wasn't a soul around, and Addy's face lit up when she noticed the slide. She spent a good 10 minutes playing all by herself, repeatedly going down the slide, and up and down the ramp walkway. Good luck trying to divert her attention from now on, now that she knows it's there!

November 17:
My facebook status update was as follows:

Listening to my daughter talk to herself on the monitor, instead of napping, when suddenly I hear her door open...guess who climbed out of her crib?!? I met her halfway down the stairs, where she smiled proudly and exclaimed, "Nap, OUT!" Seriously...that had to be a graceful escape for me to have no idea she had climbed out! Looks like there's a toddler bed in our bedtime plans tonight...

Yeah...we set up the toddler bed that afternoon. And she loved it. Until it was time for bed. Here's a follow-up comment of mine on my status update (because I'm too lazy to re-type the story):

Addy is currently sleeping soundly in her crib, because OHMYGOD the torture of a big girl bed. I think if she fell out of her crib and broke her leg, there would be less screaming than what ensued tonight. And it turns out Matt and I were not on the same page with how to handle the we caved. I guess he thought she would go down without a fight? Like, some miracle would take away her stubbornness for just this one night? Whatever. She's sleeping now. Tomorrow is another day I guess. I don't think she's emotionally ready for the toddler bed. I'm thinking we should leave the bed in the room and let her get used to it, but not push it unless she regularly climbs out of the crib. Clearly, the likelihood of an injury is low! We may have jumped the gun a little...

Turns out, the crib mattress was actually able to be lowered one more time. So, we lowered it and bought ourselves a little more time. Problem is, now she thinks the big girl bed is just a big toy in her room. So the new plan is we wait for her to take the lead, unless baby #2 comes along and needs the crib. In that event, we will remove the crib from her room. Because as long as it's an option, I don't see her willingly sleeping in the big scary would-rather-it-be-a-toy bed.

December 15:
Her newest obsession is books. This girl cannot get enough books. In this particular picture, she had lined up all the books in her playroom on the bench, "read" each one, then placed each neatly on the stack of finished books. She has three books that she reads aloud, based on her memorization of the story - Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?, and Goodnight, I Love You.
If anyone is bored and would like to come over and iron my
curtains, I wouldn't stop you. I don't iron.

December 26:
Addy and I each got lovely kitchen aprons for Christmas, so I decided that baking cupcakes was the perfect excuse to break them in! After scouring my pantry and Pinterest, I realized I had all the ingredients to make Strawberry Champagne cupcakes. We had a blast cooking together. Addy used her new play mixer, while I used my Kitchenaid stand mixer. We both ate way too much sugar. And I may have disposed of the extra champagne in a very tasty manner. The recipe was super easy and very tasty. I highly recommend it.

She's totally a pro at licking the batter off the mixer parts now.
Mama's so proud.

December 27:
Ladies and Gentleman, we have the very first full ponytail! She looks so grown up to me!

Late December:
Addy is also very interested in the alphabet now. She knows all of her letters both uppercase and lowercase, though sometimes she interchanges lowercase "b", "d", and "p". She spends time on her alphabet puzzle from Grandpa and Grammy at least once a day. Sometimes she goes in order from start to finish, but most of the time she bounces randomly throughout the alphabet. And every time we're in the car, we listen to Here Come the ABCs by They Might Be Giants, an awesome birthday gift from her friends M & E. She totally digs it. And because of a song on the album, I now know the alphabet backwards. This is a video I captured of her playing with the alphabet puzzle.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Snow Play!

Addy finally got to enjoy her first time playing in the snow! She's been watching lots of cartoons and movies lately about Christmas, and snow, and playing in the snow, and building snowmen, etc. Right after Christmas, we had a good amount of snowfall, and for the few days following, Addy requested to play in the snow and build a snowman every time she caught sight of the fluffy white stuff.

I figured what would happen is I'd spend 20 minutes bundling us up, only to have her whining to go back inside after 5 minutes. But, I was dead wrong. She. Freaking. Loved. It. All of it. She giggled non-stop. She trotted through the yard, made snowballs, threw snow all over daddy, and eventually discovered that snow tasted pretty yummy.

Oh, and we also built a pretty spectacular snowman, thanks to the really cool snowman kit Addy got from Grandma for Christmas!

Okay, I'll admit it...I had a blast playing with her in the snow. I'm actually looking forward to the temperatures rising just a little so we can go play again!

Now watch the following video. It's my submission for applying for the "Mother of the Year" award. I think I'll win.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

I'm not a huge fan of the holiday season, because I tend to get overly stressed out about all the socializing required. It's purely exhausting to me. But this year, I found myself beginning to get excited about what Christmas means for Addy. This year, she understands what presents are and gets excited about opening each one. She recognizes Santa Claus and knows that a Christmas tree gets decorated. This year, it's just the tip of the iceberg, and I'm already excited about how fun next year is going to be!

We had lots of family outings to go to - The Sombati family party, my Home Depot work party, a gathering with Grandma and family at our house, the Villilo family party in Columbus, Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grammy's house, Christmas Day visit with Papa and Nana, and a visit with Great Grandma Jean. Wowsers! And wouldn't you know, Santa left presents for Addy at every single location!!!

Animal masks are SO FUN!

That's one tuckered out little
girl after partying with Grandma!

Super Potato fun on Christmas Eve

A small sampling of the random
toy happenings around the
house the day after Christmas.

Addy checking out more presents
after opening her awesome new tutu
made by Aunt Steph.

Making up her own dance? The Toddler Shuffle?
She was a whole lotta cuteness at the Sombati
family party.
A rare picture of myself! Helping Addy roll out
some homemade play dough.
Here's a video of Addy opening presents from Aunt Steph and Grandma...