Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Playroom Makeover: Seating & Storage

The playroom makeover that we started in October is moving forward. We started with the kid-sized table, then moved on to the ambitious project of building the storage benches as seen on Pinterest. Remember how I said I wanted to have them finished in time for Addison's birthday party? Well, I did it! They were finished and secured to the wall with just about two days to spare. I am very pleased with the end result.

IKEA Expedit single unit on its side, topped with
the bench pad I constructed (no sewing!)
The larger Expedit unit is next to it, for even
more storage space. Because one can never have
enough storage space when one has OCD.

The second storage bench, and what will one
day be the reading nook in the corner.

There are 14 baskets for my
organizing pleasure!

I created the bench pads exactly as explained in the post I found through Pinterest, so if you're interested in doing the project, go read about it there. I spent a lot of time searching for the right sized baskets, at a price I was willing to pay, and I am thrilled with what I ended up with. They are attractive and very sturdy. And, they came from Wal-Mart. Seriously. They are sold online only, but they ship to your local store for no charge. I paid the highest I was willing to pay for the right basket, at $11 a piece, but once I saw them in person, I felt the price was WELL worth it.

A word of caution to anyone wanting to take on projects that they find on Pinterest: Research it first and figure out how much it's going to cost. I have this problem where I think that just because it's a DIY thing, it must not cost that much. This seating and storage solution, no joke, came with a price tag of $541. Okay, once you put your eyeballs back in your eye sockets, I'll break that down for you:

3 IKEA shelving units: $200
14 awesome baskets: $164
Plywood for bench pad: $21
Foam for bench pad: $76 (this is 50% off by the way!)
Fabric for bench pad: $80 (this was also 50% off)

I had absolutely no idea that the freaking foam costs $31 per yard. PER. YARD. But when I was ready to purchase it, we had already bought the IKEA benches and had the plywood purchased and cut to size. Thank goodness for regularly occurring 50% off sales at JoAnne's. I was prepared to spend about $350, so my big grand ideas for glorifying our pantry organization are not going to come to fruition. We're just going to slap a couple of baker's racks that we already own in there and call it a day.

With the benches complete, this is where we stand on the playroom makeover:
  • Hang curtain rod and curtains on window
  • Fix register vent
  • Steal fabulous idea from Pinterest for seating and storage
    • Make bench cushions
    • Buy Expedite bookcases from IKEA (they were out of stock on our visit!)
    • Find and buy bins to put in the bookcase to hold all the toys
    • Stand back and stare in awe at the fruits of my domesticated labor (hopefully)
    • Cry repeatedly while trying to steal fabulous Pinterest idea (most likely)
  • Hang Addy's artwork display (a little sparse right now, but we have years to fill it up...)
  • Move toybox to Addy's bedroom, throw away torn loveseat
  • Paint a chalkboard wall, maybe
  • Remove the french doors that close off the playroom from the living room
Not too shabby, eh? I highly doubt I'm going to paint a chalkboard wall, but I do still plan on removing the french doors. And after installing the benches, I decided I wanted to turn the remaining empty corner into a reading nook, complete with the IKEA spice rack bookshelf idea from where else but Pinterest. Unfortunately, this must be a wildly popular idea, because IKEA has been sold out of them for months. So we shall see.

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  1. I have playroom envy! Also, I want a chalkboard wall so bad... but I can't figure out where in this tiny house I could put one. You should totally do it!