Saturday, December 8, 2012

Playdate with Parker

I have a friend from work that has a five month old boy named Parker. We recently enjoyed a playdate with the two of them, plus my bestie from work and her two boys. It was a little bit of a drive, so we were only able to stay two hours, but we had lots of fun!

All three kids playing with Parker
I was curious to see how Addy would treat the baby, because she can be very rough with her toys and other people. But she was awesome with him! She happily gave him kisses and hugs, and always approached him slowly and cautiously. It was really cool to see, especially considering we are planning on making baby number two very soon.

Addy kissing baby Parker's head
I held Parker for a little while. And seriously? At some point, I forgot I was holding him. No joke. His mommy reached over and took him from me, and all of a sudden, I was thinking "Woah, I completely forgot I was holding him!" He is super calm and chill. Nothing like Addy at that age. He wasn't trying to squirm away or roll all over the place, and he wasn't making a sound. If I could guarantee my baby would turn out like that, it's possible I'd turn into a baby factory. Except then he was pooping and drooling and whimpering for the boob, and I remembered that I really don't like babies all that much, no matter what their temperament is.

Anyways, Parker's mommy is a young little thing, so I kind of see her like a little sister. I was super impressed with her adjustment to mommyhood. She seems to be doing a fantastic job with him, and seems to genuinely enjoy being a momma. I'm so proud of her! I hope there are more playdates in our future!

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