Monday, November 12, 2012

Nickajack Farms

Boy am I behind on blogging! Nearly a month ago now, Addy and I visited Nickajack Farms for their annual Family Fall Festival. The festival offers so many great activities for kids to enjoy, from Pumpkin Bowling, to Hayrides, to Corn Mazes. Admission is crazy low ($7 for an all-inclusive pass, or you can pay by the activity). Addy is still too small to have fun with the corn maze or a 30-minute hayride, so I opted for the Petting Zoo, the Pumpkin Patch, and the Discovery Barn. Addy was free, and it cost just $2 for those 3 activities! Talk about a cheap date!

It was an overcast day and a bit chilly, but Addy didn't seem to mind. We started off in the pumpkin patch, where she tested her strength on a few pumpkins...

I thought she'd be really excited about the animals at the petting zoo, but she wouldn't get too close to any of them. She kept calling out their names and "talking" to them, and she was very interested when I was petting them, but she refused to get close.

Her favorite part of the trip was the giant playbox of corn kernels inside the discovery barn...

She jumped right in, picked up a shovel and started scooping! There was a school field trip hanging out there too, but she didn't mind. She eagerly watched everything the bigger kids did, then tried to follow along. I was pleasantly surprised at how patient and helpful these kids were to Addy. They seemed happy to be playing right along with her.

Nickajack is definitely something we will make time for as a family next season. It's a wonderful place to enjoy all those great fall activities, for such a reasonable price. Well done, Nickajack!

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