Friday, November 2, 2012

I probably wont have any friends after today

The following was my status update on Facebook this morning:

As a SAHM, I am thankful that I actually had to set my alarm for 8:15 to make sure I was awake by then, as I have a very important appointment this morning. And when it went off, it woke me from a dead sleep. And twenty minutes later, my kid is still sleeping. Unfortunately, I know at least one fellow SAHM that would like to punch me in the face right now.

Yes, I am completely spoiled with Addy's sleeping schedule. Her usual wake-up time is 8:30am. But I needed to get up and moving this morning to be ready to leave a little before 9:00. And what was my very important appointment, you ask? Why, two hours of pampering at the hair salon of course!

So if my mommy friends didn't hate me for my ability to sleep in every day, they surely hate me now!

Sorry guys.

Kind of.

I only get a haircut and color once a year, so...

I don't feel that bad.


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