Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

There are oh so many things I love about fall, but Pumpkins rank at the top of the list. Pumpkin decor is pretty. Pumpkin fragrances smell wonderful. Pumpkin foods are fantastic. I love Pumpkin EVERYTHING! Don't you?

And now I can say the most fun I have had with a Pumpkin is when I watched Addy paint one. I think she thoroughly enjoyed herself too. She's getting a little better at the arts and crafts segment of childhood (and I'm getting a little better with patience during the arts and crafts segment of childhood!)

She started out clean and timid...

She quickly realized that yellow doesn't show
very well on Pumpkin

And eventually we gave her a paintbrush to
try (maybe we should have led with the brush?)

At one point, she mixed all the colors together and plastered a tiny grey handprint on the side of the Pumpkin. I tried to add black dots for eyes and nostrils to make it look like an elephant, but she wanted no part of my help. This Pumpkin painting was all about her skills!

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