Saturday, October 6, 2012

Playroom Makeover: Kid's Table

Now that the wedding is over, I can finally focus my attention on the many projects we want/need to do around the house. The project I am most excited about is the Playroom Makeover. We are extremely lucky to have a nice sized spare room on the main floor, right off the living room, to designate as Addy's playroom. This room was a MAJOR selling point for me when we were looking at buying the house. It helps me keep my OCD in control by being able to keep all the toys stored in one area, out of the rest of the common areas of the house. And when my OCD is under control, I'm a much calmer mom.

When we moved in, we just kinda threw some miscellaneous furniture in there. There's currently a 5x7 area rug, an old loveseat that the cat has torn to shreds along the arms, a side table, a nice plastic toybox, and 3 magnetic boards hung at toddler level. When the room is tidy, all her toys that don't fit in the toybox line the walls (I did mention my OCD, right?). The one thing I have always felt the room is missing is a toddler-sized table and chairs set. I have been searching for one every few nights for the past six months or so, on internet sites like Craigslist and Ebay. I wanted a table with 4 chairs, and was hoping to find a nice quality wooden set that I could refinish if needed. The used market is saturated with Disney Princess and Cars table sets, but it seems like people want to hang on to the nice wooden sets. I can't blame them! So...I finally broke down and bought this set from the next best thing, IKEA.

(this is not our playroom)
I got the table and four chairs (cuz we love playdates!) in the black/brown color. With a total price tag of $120, it was double what I was hoping for pay for a nice set, but after six months of searching, I gave in. It's the shape, size, and color I was hoping for. I just hope it stands up to at least a few years of toddler abuse!

Being the brilliant mom I am, I decided to try to put the table together while Addy was all up in my business. You'd think that would have backfired on me, but she actually was being very agreeable and was carrying pieces over to me saying, "Mommy help you!" She even got down and dirty with me:

And here's the finished product (2 of the chairs still need assembled). She totally loves it! She gets the hugest smile on her face every time she climbs in the chair. It's a smile that says, "For me? You think I'm special enough to have furniture made just for my size?!?!? You are the best mom in the whole world!!!" I love that smile.
Don't mind that duct-taped register vent in the
background. That's part of the playroom makeover
yet to be completed. We've been enjoying the duct
tape solution for nearly a year now. We are classy.
 So, part 1 of the makeover is complete. Still on the list:
  • Hang curtain rod and curtains on window
  • Fix register vent
  • Steal fabulous idea from Pinterest for seating and storage
    • Make bench cushions
    • Buy Expedite bookcases from IKEA (they were out of stock on our visit!)
    • Find and buy bins to put in the bookcase to hold all the toys
    • Stand back and stare in awe at the fruits of my domesticated labor (hopefully)
    • Cry repeatedly while trying to steal fabulous Pinterest idea (most likely)
  • Hang Addy's artwork display (a little sparse right now, but we have years to fill it up...)
  • Move toybox to Addy's bedroom, throw away torn loveseat
  • Paint a chalkboard wall, maybe
  • Remove the french doors that close off the playroom from the living room
I will be a busy girl! I'd love for the room to be completed in time for Addy's 2nd birthday party happening in less than one month, but I'm thinking it probably wont be. Those benches are a big thing for me to tackle. I am excited to see the end result though! Wish me luck!

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