Saturday, October 13, 2012


Eat. Poop. Sleep. There's certainly a lot of that involved in mommyhood. And everything that happens in between...there's a lot of that too; the most important of which is Play. Because I don't have much any experience playing with children, I'm constantly asking myself, "Am I interacting enough with her? What kinds of activities are most appropriate for this stage? What kinds of play would my daughter benefit most from?" and so on. Between Pinterest, books, and various websites, there is certainly no shortage of ideas for me to go off of. But I seem to have a hard time finding activities that my particular daughter would actually complete or remotely enjoy. For example, an idea from Pinterest for a sensory tub - a container filled with sand and various objects hidden in the sand (or rice, beans, cornmeal, whatever). The child should enjoy diving into the bin and digging for buried treasure, enjoying and experimenting with the feel of sand between their fingers. But if I tried that with Addy, I guarantee that within one minute, sand would be EVERYWHERE but in the bin, and she'd be flailing her arms screaming, "No! Noooooo! No!" and throwing the objects. She likes to throw, and hit, and flail her arms when she tries something new. Or if it's not presented to her just right. And she has a very short attention span; she is not a child that sits still for very long or concentrates on one activity for a good chunk of time. So mostly, we have a pretty solid daily routine and we don't stray from it too often. When we do stray, and it ends up successful, the day is always a total blast, and I feel like the best mother ever.

The other day while exploring Pinterest, I came across what I think is an excellent list of toddler activities. As I read through descriptions, I kept thinking, "Ooooh, we'd have so much fun doing that! Oh, Addy would get a kick out of that! I think she'd actually sit all the way through that!" The list comes from Fisher Price's website - below is a sampling of the ideas (*For some reason, the list that shows when viewed through Pinterest on my iPhone includes 34 activities, but the list that shows when viewed on my PC includes only 12 activities - those are the ones that have links)

I'm really looking forward to breaking out of my routine shell and trying some of these ideas [specifically, Wash 'em Up, What's Wrong, and Dance 'til You Drop (because flailing arms is perfectly appropriate when dancing!)]. Many of them are much simpler than what I think of doing when I think "Play". I'll be sure to blog about the results!

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