Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pinterest Fail: Cake Pops

Addy's 2nd birthday is coming up, and we're throwing a barnyard animal themed birthday party. After doing some exploring on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, I decided I wanted to make some cute barnyard animal cake pops to go with the red barn cake I plan on making- sheep, cows, and pigs. And Bonus! One of the wedding gifts we received were two of these Nordic Ware Cake Pop Pans:
Looks easy enough, right?
I did some quick research online for tips and tricks on making cake pops, but most of the stuff out there refers to the hand rolled cake pops, which I was not interested in doing. I stumbled upon a blog post that featured this exact pan, with some really helpful tips listed (can't find the blog post now, or I'd link to it). The writer made it seem totally doable, so I decided to do a practice round. I followed all her tips for baking the pops and dunking them properly. Here is a comparison of what I ended up with, versus an inspiration pic from Pinterest

For reasons I cannot explain, the brown cow makes me
think of Grover from Sesame Street? Absolutely no clue why.
So....yeah, complete fail. I tried greasing the pans with shortening and Pam spray, but out of a batch of 48, only 16 came out of the pan in one piece. Of those 16, only these 3 stayed on the stick when dipped in the coating. And I even followed the tip of dipping the stick in the coating before inserting it into the ball. The balls were way too crumbly, not nearly dense enough to stay together, hence the half-assed attempt at decorating shown above.

As crazy as this seems, especially given how tremendously horrible my cake pops look, I'm willing to give it another try. But I'm considering trying the hand rolled method. Between greasing and filling the pans, scraping off the overflow the comes out the air hole, popping out the "balls", and cleaning the pans, it seems like mixing up some cooked cake and icing and rolling it into balls would be a whole lot easier (no offense to the gracious gift givers! I will try the pans again too with a different recipe, trying to figure out how to cook the boxed cake so it's more dense).

In doing a little research this morning, I came across a few people who take a complete shortcut and just put sticks in donut holes. I have one word for that - brilliant!

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  1. I'm sorry, but your comparison pic of the cake pops made me laugh really hard! There are multiple pinterest fail blogs out there, you should totally submit this! I was just perusing "where good intentions come to die" and some are pretty funny...