Sunday, October 14, 2012

Boo at the Zoo

Yesterday, we joined friends of ours for scary-free trick-or-treating at the Akron Zoo (yes, the zoo IS my favorite place in Akron, in case you were wondering). Quite by accident, Addy and Lilah showed up to the event in the EXACT SAME COSTUME! Oh, the horror!!! Not really. It was actually totally freaking adorable! See for yourself!
Okay, not the best quality pictures. But seriously?
I can't tell them apart in some pics. They were too cute.
Addy had a great time! And she really likes Lilah. Any time we got too far ahead of them, or vice versa, Addy would call out her name repeatedly, and frantically search for her. Best friends someday? Maybe.

Addy modeling the barnyard cuteness

The human cow checking out the plastic cow
Can't wait to go trick-or-treating in my dad's neighborhood in a couple weeks! It's so fun to see all the other awesome toddler costumes out there too!

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