Friday, August 10, 2012

Don't blame the wife for spending the paycheck, blame Target for being awesome

I went to Target today for three items: paper towels, baby wipes, and ziploc bags. It should have totalled approximately $23, but somehow I spent $110. I know I'm not the only one this happens to, considering the following two pictorials commonly seen on Pinterest:

Honestly, I really did need everything I bought. Okay, MOST of the stuff I bought?
I probably could have put back the foam shapes from the One Spot, but Addy and I are going to have a shape scavenger hunt with them! And some of them are glittered! There are hands and hearts and stars! And really, that would have saved me $3, so, totally worth it.

But the most awesome item we brought home? And Addy totally picked it out herself?
Her very own potty!!! She is super excited about it. I think she picked it because it looks like the big potty. And she can flush it too, just like the big potty, which she already does randomly throughout the day.

The potty now sits in the bathroom, as opposed to middle of her playroom as seen in the video. I don't think she's quite ready for potty learning yet, but, now we are ready for when she's ready!

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