Friday, July 6, 2012

The Park Attempt

Here in NE Ohio we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave. The high today was 97 degrees, with a heat index of 105 degrees. For us, that's pretty miserably hot. I decided to take Addy to the park this morning before it got too hot to play outside. When I checked the temperature on my phone, it was 75 degrees, but within the time it took me to get her out the door and to the park, it was already a purely sunny 82 degrees. She didn't seem to mind too much though!

When I took her out of the car, she bolted toward the playground chanting, "Play! Plaaaaaay!!!" She always heads straight to the swings first, but she didn't last there too long today.

Next, of course, she headed to the spiral slide. Unfortunately, the slide had been baking in the sun and was way too hot to use with her wearing shorts- sting my fingertips kind of hot! So I put her on my lap and went down twice, until I noticed an earwig had decided to join us (I have enough of those at my house right now, I'm not going to entertain them at the playground)! And as usual, she tired of the playground quickly and ran to the picnic shelter. She likes to step up onto the cement platform and down into the rocks lining the perimeter, over and over and over again. We were both hot and sweaty with rosy cheeks, but we stayed hydrated!

When she had had enough of the heat, she went running to the car. I got her to stop on the way, though, and pose on this rock for a pic of her finally looking at the camera:

To everyone else experiencing the heat wave - play smart, stay cool, drink lots of water! And to those unfortunate families without power in this heat....I can't even imagine how absolutely miserable you must be! I'm so thankful that none of the severe thunderstorms have wiped out our power! (knock on wood, knock on wood.....)


  1. I absolutely LOVE the pic of her sitting on the rock - she is getting so big and grown up! Also, the thermometer in my car said 102 degrees today and I am not happy about that. Here we are just 16 days into summer and I am SO ready for fall!

  2. She looks like such a BIG girl sitting on the rock!
    cute, cute, cute!