Saturday, June 23, 2012

Family Vacation - OBX 2012

Earlier this month, our family was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a week long vacation in a house (almost) on the beach in Nags Head, North Carolina, along with Grandpa and Grammy and Aunt Steph and Uncle Dave. It was our first vacation with Addy, so needless to say I was a bit stressed beforehand. I was primarily worried about how she would handle a twelve hour car ride [insert notions of me pulling out my hair and teddy grahams flying everywhere in the vehicle]. Well let me tell you, this girl ROCKS the car travel. OHMYGODSHESAMAZING. We decided to have the car packed and ready to go the night before, then wake her up at 2:30am and get on the road. Addy just thought it was hilarious that she got to hold all her lovies - blanket, big teddy, little teddy, puppy - and ride in the car at night. She giggled quietly for the first half hour or so. Then she just sat there totally chill. She finally fell asleep around 5am. On the drive down, we stopped only twice to get a bite to eat and stretch our legs. Even with all the incoming beach traffic, we got to the beach house in 13 hours. And Addy never once cried. She whined a teensy tiny bit, but overall, she was a delight. I have to attribute a lot of that to the vehicle; we borrowed Grandma Susan's minivan, so there was plenty of space around everybody and we were all comfortable. Thank you Grandma Susan!!!!

Addy sleeping peacefully in the car (left and bottom)
and also in her crib the last night of vacation (top)
Addy's favorite part of vacation was hands down the swimming pool. She was a total floater, just like her Aunt Steph. Every morning when she woke up, after exclaiming, "OUT!" to get out of the crib, she would run around saying, "WaWa? (water?)...Blah! Blah! (splash! splash!). I wish I would have captured it on camera because it was adorable. She'd also ask to go in the water every time she saw one of us in a bathing suit. She got three good days in the pool, but unfortunately, it was cloudy and windy the remainder of the week.

Addy hammin' in up in the pool
(and her fat ass momma, but I'm working on that...)
As much as she loved the swimming pool, she disliked the ocean equally. We spent a total of less than one hour on the beach the entire week because she just wasn't having any part of it. Truth be told, I'm not a fan of the beach either. Yes, it's absolutely beautiful, and when I look at it I am completely amazed, but I get bored very quickly. I don't like the feeling of sand on my skin, and I am too scared to go in the water (Totally gross feeling on my feet! Seaweed? Dead fish? Crabs?!?!?! No thanks). She did play with some sand toys for a few minutes, but like me, grew bored quickly.

OMG those big scary waves!
OMG get me outta here!!!!!!
We went on a few excursions on the gloomy days. One place we always hit up when in Nags Head is the Dunes at Jockey Ridge State Park. It's a great place for family pictures with huge sand dunes, wide open spaces, and some greenery. This year though, the dunes were mostly flooded from a recent tropical storm that swept through. We didn't get to climb any dunes, but we did get some cute pics. Addy really liked running the smooth sand through her hands (sandbox in the backyard sometime soon???)
It was a wonderful week full of quality family time, but of course it went by too quickly. My favorite place to vacation is the beach, but as Addy gets older, I hope to take week long vacations throughout the country so she can learn how awesome it is to explore this amazing world around us. I hope that she has the same passion for traveling as I do, and that every time she visits someplace new, she feels a little smaller in the scheme of life. It's a great reminder that there's so much more out there than what we see in our daily lives, so we shouldn't get all caught up in the small stuff.

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