Saturday, June 2, 2012

Akron Zoo 5/30/12

We visited the Akron Zoo on Wednesday, along with Aunt Stephanie - making good use of her time at home on medical leave before returning to work in late June! I always enjoy going to the zoo with Addy, but it was extra special to share it with Stephanie. The Akron Zoo is a wonderful gem, I think. It has decent animal exhibits, absolutely beautiful scenery, and really good food (if you're up for taking a small loan out to pay for it!) We spent over two hours walking around enjoying the animals. We don't usually seem to get good views of most of the creatures, but boy were they out in full force for us this time! And for the most part, we strolled along without many other people around, so we were able to get really great views of everything. Addy was really into it this time too, shouting out animal names and closely watching them move about. Here are some shots of the day:

Aunt Steph and an uncooperative Addy

Me and Addy in the best picture ever of the two of us

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!
These guys were totally awesome!

Addy really liked the Lemurs

I really liked this goat. Addy did not.

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