Sunday, June 3, 2012

18 Months and counting

I've been wanting to post a little summary of Addy at 18 months old, but seeing as how I've not been blogging much, I'm just now getting around to it - and ya know, she's still labeled 18 months old for the next two days,

"I'm 18 months old, yo. I know everything."
Addy in a nutshell: Strong willed, stubborn, high maintenance, charming, happy, timid, hilarious. She's a typical toddler in most ways - has mini-meltdowns because she cant communicate effectively, wants what she wants and wants it right now, doesn't exactly share, wants what everyone else has even if she already has some. I keep reminding myself of this list of Toddler Rules of Possesion I found on Pinterest a while back, specifically, "If I can take it from you, it's mine. If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way." It's so true, and yes, I'm the dork that recites it to myself when I start to get frustrated. Putting myself in her shoes does not come naturally to me, but when I remember to do it, my entire approach to her changes, and meltdowns become much shorter and less intense.

The many faces of Addison
This girl cracks me up. I mean, seriously I can't get enough of her antics. She has so much character in her, but she mostly reserves it just for the people she knows best. And she changes based on the person - with daddy she's playful and cuddly, with Grandpa and Grammy she's off the wall silly girl, with Aunt Steph she's a little rebel, with Grandma she's a show-off, and with me, she's a mixture of it all with a little clingy thrown in. When we're out and about, she says hi to almost everyone, and it brightens so many peoples' day. She always says buh-bye to cashiers. She likes to hand a toy to another kid but then immediately take it back.

Playing with Uncle Dave's sunglasses
Her expressive language is increasing every day. She has a lot of words that she consistently says - maybe 30? - that we know what she's saying but someone else might not understand right away. A few of my favorites:

       Oatmeal = Noonal
       Blanket = Bahtet
       Sock = Cock (said sharply - "cock!")
       Trash = Cock (said softly - more like "cac")
       Headband = Bayban
       Open = Ohhpeeee

She has at least 25 words that anyone could understand (cracker, cookie, yogurt, kitty, puppy, teddy, baby, hot dog, diaper, bubble...), maybe even closer to 50 if you consider context clues. Just a couple days ago she started to "sing" songs, such as the theme song for "Elmo's World" and "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". OMG adorable.

Addy is a really good eater. Don't get me wrong, she can fling her plate out of frustration like a champ, but she eats a wide variety of healthy foods, and of course some treats. Some staples of her diet are:

       Turkey hot dogs
       Rotisserie lunchmeat
       Peas, Corn, Brocolli
       Bananas, Cinnamon apples, Pears
       All berries & grapes
       Spaghetti (Ghettiiiiiiii!)
       Chicken in most forms
       Mini vanilla wafers
       Graham crackers
       Cereal bars (like a nutri-grain bar but for toddlers)

One thing I'm not happy about is that she suddenly stopped drinking milk almost two months ago, completely refuses it. Even with chocolate mixed in (you can thank daddy for that one, I disagreed). She eats plenty of yogurt and some cheese, but I know she's not getting enough calcium. We've tried every type of cup possible, served it warm and cold, tried to trick her...all colossal fails.

But hey, she likes the ice cream! Train of thought:
"Hmmm, what's this? I think I'm supposed to lick it...
that's yummy!...more?!?!"
Addy keeps me on my toes, and keeps life worth living. I love her so unbelievably much!

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