Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Update on Updating

Hello, dear readers. Did you know that updating a blog can be exhausting? And the longer you go without updating, the more daunting the task becomes. It's like each day that passes without updating, a little bit of fun is sucked out of the whole thing. All the awesome ideas for blog topics floating around in your head get tired of floating around, so they abandon you. And all the people that used to check the blog every couple days get tired of seeing the same old blog title, so they check it every five days, then once a week, then suddenly, they have forgotten you exist. And since I only have something like six regular readers, I'm probably posting to thin air, so really, after so long, what's the point?

Ah, yes....the point is that this blog is ultimately for me and Addy, so if I'm lucky enough to still be here even if I have to piss in a bed pan and have someone else wipe my ass, I will at least be able to have these memories.

I gotta say, however, April left a little to be desired in the way of good memories. On April 5, my sister/best friend/pseudo mother/current housemate was taken to the hospital after suffering a stroke - at the ripe old age of 33. No, it's not because she's grossly obese, or eats a big mac everyday, or lays on the couch non-stop. It's because her arteries are shredding, for no good reason (which is a really stupid statement, because, really, is there a good reason for arteries to shred??) She spent almost three weeks in the hospital. She lost a great deal of muscle strength, and she basically cant do anything to gain it back without jeopardizing her arteries. She's sad, which makes me sad. While in the hospital, she said to my father, "What if I die and Addy doesn't remember me?" I mean seriously, how sad is that? She's home now, resting and slowly regaining a "normal" life. We missed her.

So April was jam packed full of daily trips to the hospital, managing the invitation business I formerly operated with my sister, working my part-time job when I wasn't calling off due to the latest downgrade in Steph's condition, and of course, taking care of my munchkin. And, because life can certainly be a bitch, the final week of April found me hacking up a lung, yet again. I realize I'm not the poster child for healthy living, but why why why why am I continually getting sick, while everyone else in my household is perfectly fine?? It's rather frustrating (though, don't misunderstand me, I in no way *want* the rest of my household to be sick!)

So, in a nutshell, (can I even call that a nutshell? definitely not a peanut shell, it would have to be at least the shell of a brazil nut to fit all that info in there...) that is why I did not post the entire month of April. Hello May!

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  1. Here's hoping the other months of this year make up for how much April sucked. Although I read Steph's status today, so it sounds like you guys will have to be patient and get thru more suck before the year improves. I deeply hope those docs get her all fixed up asap! "What if I die and Addy doesn't remember me?" That is the most heartbreaking sentence I've ever read.

    Also, I totally get the thing about updating - the farther behind you get, the harder it is to get motivated to work on it. I still have a bunch of stuff I need to post. I started creating "draft" posts, with just the titles filled in, and saving them, so I wouldn't forget what I wanted to write about. Maybe that could help?

    Glad to see you writing again - I will always be a loyal reader no matter how long you go between posts!