Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good Communication

I'm constantly amazed at the amount of stuff I say that my daughter understands. Every day she seems to comprehend at least one command that I completely did not expect her to get. The following exchange happened about two weeks ago in my living room...

Me: "Do you want to go outside?"

Addy: *points and walks toward front door* "Yaaa"

Me: "Okay, you need to put shoes on first. Go get your shoes please."

Addy: *nods head, walks through house, retrieves shoes, we put them on*

Me: "Okay, mommy needs shoes on too. Can you get mommy's shoes please?"

Addy: *nods head, walks through house, retrieves my tennis shoes*

Me: "Thank you! But I have to blow my nose first. Will you please get me a tissue?"

Addy: *stares at me for a second, nods her head, gets one square of toilet paper from the bathroom and brings it to me* "Eh?" (this means, "Is this what you wanted?")

Me: "Oh, thank you honey! *tries to blow nose with single square of tissue* "Mommy needs more though. More, please?" *makes hand signal for "more"*

Addy: *marches to bathroom, unrolls what sounds like the entire roll of toilet paper. Excitedly marches back to me, holding a huge wad of tissue* "Yaaa" *smiles proudly*

I'm not sure if the awesomeness of that exchange translates well in blog post format, but it was a really cool thing. She's been good at getting her shoes for a while, but I was mildly surprised that she brought the shoes I wear. I didn't expect her to be able to follow the tissue command, and was totally amazed when she brought me back the huge load of it. There are certainly moments where we have a breakdown in communication, and she throws a tantrum because she can't figure out how to express something, so I treasure moments like this!

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