Monday, March 26, 2012

Sleepover at Grandpa & Gammy's!

This past Saturday, Addison had her first play day and sleepover at Grandpa and Gammy's house - and it was a total success! We set up a crib for her in their den, put a dark blanket over the window, plugged in the baby monitor, dropped her off Saturday morning, and hoped for the best. Not only did she manage to take a good afternoon nap, she went to bed without a fuss and slept soundly through the night. And when I picked her up Sunday morning, she wasn't even all that excited to see me! (*heart breaking just a little*)

It's no surprise my professional-photographer-wannabe father documented the whole event. It seems as though she had a wonderful, exciting, and exhausting time! There was some reading...

And some eating...

And lots of pushing...

Clearly, she was well taken care of and she had a blast. So what did mommy and daddy do with their free time?? Well we had a blast too! We started off Saturday by going to see The Hunger Games movie. We both thought it was fabulous! After the movie, we drove to Coventry Village and enjoyed dinner at BD's Mongolian Barbecue, followed by a stroll down the quaint streets and through Big Fun toystore. Then we headed home and spent the remainder of the evening hanging out with Aunt Stephanie. Sunday morning, we enjoyed our coffee and morning newspaper without interruption. It was a wonderful, much needed break, but I was happy to see my little munchkin again!

Thank you Grandpa & Gammy for taking such good care of Addison!!!!

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  1. You really have a great Dad there, Stacy. You can tell how much he loves his granddaughter in those pics! Sounds like a sublime weekend for you guys, too!